Natural Beauty from the Outside In by Sojourner Walker Williams

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Natural Beauty from the Outside In Sojourner Walker Williams

Take control of what goes into your body with your own natural skin and hair care products!
Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs like a sponge what is placed on the outer layer, drawing it deeper into the inner layers and dispersing it into the bloodstream. Many of the bath and beauty products we use contain toxic chemical substances, but it is easy to make your own safe, natural alternatives.

Sojourner Walker Williams has been perfecting her natural beauty products for years and is trusted by her many faithful consumers. She is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga instructor, and wellness blogger, and in her travels has sought out natural, effective beauty solutions from around the world.

In Natural Beauty From the Outside In she takes you with her on her journeys of discovery around the world. Travel with her to Thailand, where she discovers the miracles of coconut oil, and to Ghana, where she learns of the many uses of shea butter. Each chapter is devoted to a location and an important ingredient, and is full of recipes that are easy to make in your kitchen. Don’t worry. You won’t have to travel to find ingredients. They are all found easily in stores or online sources. Sojourner shares 75 of her most popular recipes, plus many hints for usage, storing and preserving, and sensitive skin considerations.

Natural Beauty from the Outside In: 70+ recipes for all skin and hair types by Sojourner Walker Williams
English | 2021 | Self Help | 35 MB

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