My G by Natavia

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My G Natavia

Keosha Wilkins is a twenty-year-old go-getter. Her dream is to make it out of the hood and raise her younger siblings away from the gang violence that’s on a rise. When she comes across a man from her past, her world gets turned upside down. What happens when Keosha falls in love with a man who stands for everything she disowns?

Seyeon Farrah aka Budda is a young, rich and street savvy gangster. After living in California for five years with his uncle, he comes back to his hometown, Annapolis for good. He crosses paths with his childhood crush, those old flames start burning again once he realizes he still wants her. But there is a catch…Seyeon has to get married in order to inherit a million dollars. Will the marriage be more than he bargained for?

My G is a passion filled, gritty love story about a young woman who falls for a murderous gangsta. Will the love and peace he gives her be stronger than the chaos falling for a Annapolis gangsta brings to her life?

My G by Natavia)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 515 KB

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