Mungwort by James Noll

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Mungwort James Noll

Everything’s fresh on Lilith’s Farm. Especially the bodies.
A sinister forest, toxic fungus, and the dark secrets of a crazy old woman meet in a tale of vengeance, betrayal, and terror.

Cece grew up in Spotsylvania, Virginia, but she left a long time ago. She’d rather live the life of the road dog than stay in that backwoods dump, even if it means never having a place of her own.
But when a mysterious postcard from her missing father arrives, she finds herself pulled back home to the place where he was last seen: Lilith’s Farm. The work is hard and her bosses are jerks, but at least the food is good.

Then strange things begin to happen. The fence that borders the property seems like it’s under attack from the forest. Toxic fungus balls keep popping up on the tree trunks. And one by one, Cece’s fellow workers go missing. Any normal person would try to escape, but escape isn’t possible. Besides, Cece’s on a mission to find her father, and nothing, not the forest, not the fungus balls, not her creepy bosses, will stop her… except death, of course.
At once twisted, horrific, and surprisingly funny, Mungwort does for the forest what Alien did for space: everybody can hear you scream, but they just don’t care.

Mungwort by James Noll
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.2 MB

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