Missed Me by Trevor Wiltzen

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Missed Me An Absolutely Captiv Trevor Wiltzen

Diner waitress and part-time private investigator, Mabel Davison, is haunted by the plight of a single mother desperately searching for her missing, drug-addicted daughter. But the longshot search lands Mabel back into the crosshairs of a racist drug lord, Karl Larson, ruling Blue River’s notorious trade.

The Sheriff, Dan Gibson, refuses to act to keep the peace with Larson. But when Mabel’s niece goes missing and the community’s festering hate and violence finally explodes, Dan is forced to choose sides — and the stakes for Mabel rise terrifyingly higher.

Missed Me by Trevor Wiltzen (Mabel Davison #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 467 KB

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