Hollywood Bilker by Leopold Borstinski

by ebooks-online

Is building another casino worth dying for?

Alex returns to America and settles in 1960s California to build a drug and prostitution empire in LA. When he gets a call from the mob to help the CIA invade Cuba, Alex must decide between family and his business associates.

If he helps Uncle Sam and the Mafia then he puts his life on the line fighting for freedom and the chance to rebuild his Havana casinos. If he refuses the favor then death will call on him, his ex-wife and their sons. Once he agrees to one accommodation then others are sure to follow, in a decade where even presidents, assassins and presidential candidates were whacked at a terrifying rate.

Hollywood Bilker by Leopold Borstinski (Alex Cohen #6)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 717 KB

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