Her Sister’s Killer by Michelle S. Smith

by ebooks-online

She might be one of Chicago’s best homicide detectives, but can she hold up when she has to investigate her twin sister’s murder?
“Your sister didn’t arrive at the hospital for work and they—”
“Becky’s missing?”
“Her body was found this morning by a jogger. It was murder.” Victoria Wharton never wanted to return to her tiny New England hometown. She hasn’t spoken to her mother or sister since she left to follow her dreams. But now she’s back to get justice for her sister.
Will her feelings for her childhood friend and fellow detective, Steve McCade, get in the way?
Then the death threats start, and a local man is beaten half to death. The killer will do anything to keep his identity — and motives — a secret. And Victoria realizes she must look closer to home to find her sister’s killer.

Her Sister’s Killer by Michelle S. Smith
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 727 KB

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