Growing Light by Marta Randall

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Growing Light a classic murder Marta Randall

Even in the ultra-modern world of technology, rivalries and hatreds persist. Which may be why George Ashby, software entrepreneur, is dead.

Life can be tough for a widow with a young son, so Anne Munro is thrilled to land a job at Growing Light, a software company in rural California—but the company’s apparently relaxed atmosphere veils an unconventional cast of feuding misfits who have only one thing in common—they all hate George Ashby, the control-freak leader of Growing Light.
Ashby soon gives Anne reason to hate him, too. And after the discovery of Ashby’s corpse, Anne must prove that wielding a knife is not in her skill set. But of course, if Anne didn’t do it, then surely someone else did—and suddenly it seems that the line between ‘eccentric’ and ‘deadly’ may be very thin.
Growing Light is a murder mystery tale that manages to blend that genre with real humour, featuring a cast of colourful characters and contemporary setting. It is ideal for those who enjoy classic murder mysteries with a quirky twist.

Growing Light by Marta Randall
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 247 KB

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