Grave Deceit by John J. Hunter

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Grave Deceit John J Hunter

They opened the casket… and found nothing inside.
While visiting his grandfather’s grave, FBI Special Agent Tyler Clark makes a chilling discovery along with fellow agent, Alice. With the dirt uneven and tombstone knocked over, they realize that someone has tampered with it.

Who would commit such an egregious act?
Before having any time to ponder, they find a nearby car engulfed in flames. They set off on a convoluted investigation, as they try to somehow connect the two incidents. The circumstantial evidence points toward an elaborate and calculated fraud.

There seems to be more than one culprit involved, and they are always one step ahead. Covering their tracks and disguising their identities, they flee across the country and leave law enforcement in the dust.
The magnitude of this case widens as Alice and Tyler discover that ring leader is no stranger to them. To track down and face the criminals, they must confront their childhood traumas.

Can Alice and Tyler put together the clues and uncover the conspiracy?

Grave Deceit by John J. Hunter (Wayne Falls #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 128 KB

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