French Country Frights by H.P. Mallory, J.R. Rain

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French Country Frights A Paran J R Rain

The new Haven Hollow novel is here! Paranormal Women’s Fiction from #1 Amazon bestseller, J.R. Rain, and New York Times bestseller, H.P. Mallory!
Hi there! My name is Fifi and I’m a succubus… but I’m hopeless with men and relationships. Yes, a succubus is a type of sex demon, but the first thing you should know about me is that even though I was created to suck the life force from men, I’m actually a nice person.

In fact, I can’t stand being a succubus because it goes against every moral fiber of my being. Truth be told, I’m a romantic at heart—all I really want is a loving husband, children and the house with the white picket fence. As to my dreams of wedded bliss, I’ve got my hopes set on one man in town—a human named Marty Zach, but I’m pretty sure he only thinks of me as a friend.

Figuring my romantic dreams aren’t going to get me very far, I’ve turned all my focus and energy into opening my very first business, Hallowed Homes Realty. Not only do I plan to sell properties to humans and supernaturals alike, but I’m going after a different class of paranormal creature—the exotics. Exotics are species like giants, ice dragons and gnomes (just to name a few)… they require a little more help in finding their forever homes, or crypts, as the case may be.

My first big exotic client is Darragh, a grim. Grims are spectral dog-like creatures that haunt churchyards and protect the dead. They’re notoriously selective and grumpy, but this could prove to be my biggest sale of the year, so I’m beyond excited! Imagine my surprise when I arrive at Hollow Cemetery to show Darragh the tomb he’s interested in, only to find him and his elf attendant murdered… Soon it becomes a mad dash to solve the case, especially because I’m worried Hallowed Homes might be the murderer’s target.

Between sniffing out potential clues, keeping my awful brother in line, trying to restrain my inner succubus (because she really has a thing for the local Sasquatch in town) and attempting to start something special with Marty, I’m wondering how much more a girl can take.

French Country Frights by H.P. Mallory, J.R. Rain (Hallowed Homes #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 252 KB

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