Four Days by Jonathan Brooks

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The Dungeon Fairy Four Days A Jonathan Brooks

Time is ticking away for Tacca and the Raider Delving Clan….
The previous devastating events inside of Tacca’s dungeon were only the beginning of a wider invasion of the continent of Abenlure. The death of so many Raiders inside of her arena at the hands of the Invaders would normally be a boon to the Fairy-turned-Core and the nearby Nursery Cores, but the attrition of the Raider Delving Clan’s numbers is worrisome. Especially when an unsettling discovery up to the far north will revise everything they know about the Interdimensional Beings that are invading their world.

Thankfully, Tacca isn’t alone in the fight to save everyone; Trevelyan and the rest of the Raider Delving Clan are doing everything they can to stem the invasion, even though they are being systematically pushed further south. In addition, while the former Fairy is doing her best to train the nearby Raiders to become strong enough to combat the powerful Invaders, she is also working with Head Instructor Lapis and a multitude of other Dungeon Assistants to figure out a way to utilize her unique Omen Charge Ability to eliminate the protective barriers surrounding their mutual enemy. When events start to spiral out of her control and the world’s doom is upon them, however, not even her vaunted Ability will be enough to save them. With hope in short supply, their only chance at survival will be to discover the secret behind the Invaders before time runs out.

Four Days by Jonathan Brooks (The Hapless Dungeon Fairy #4)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 392 KB

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