Fine Homebuilding – Issue 312, December 2022/January 2023

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Fine Homebuilding Issue 312 December 2022 January 2023

Fine Homebuilding – Issue 312, December 2022/January 2023
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Overview: Fine Homebuilding is the most trusted and authoritative resource for the residential construction and remodeling industry. In each issue, expert home builders share their commitment to the preservation of craftsmanship and the advancement of home performance and building science. You’ll find a breadth of topics, including finish carpentry, energy efficient and green home design, remodeling strategies, bathroom design, and more, with step-by-step guidance. Plus, you’ll get hands-on advice on a range of projects from how to build a shed or deck, how to frame a door, how to install cabinets and built-ins, to the latest electrical and building codes. Whether you are a builder, contractor, architect, or DIY-er, Fine Homebuilding covers the current know-how you’ll want to learn.

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