Death No Stranger by Regan Barry

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Death No Stranger by Regan Barry

Terror stalks the quiet streets of Cambridge.
When a family solicitor is viciously stabbed to death in his own home, the respectable citizens of Cambridge are shocked to the core. Crimes of this brutality are unheard of in the sleepy university town.
For DI Shauna Holt, it’s as though she brought trouble with her. Newly transferred from London’s Metropolitan Police Service, the burnt-out, jaded detective was hoping for a quieter life, but her experience makes her the ideal candidate to lead the investigation. Partnered with a cocky young detective sergeant, her first task is to find the victim’s missing spouse. What she encounters is a prickly middle-aged psychiatrist, who is far too personally invested, and her adult daughter with a troubled history.
The mystery deepens and tensions rise as the three women’s lives intertwine. The closer Shauna gets to the killer the more her past rears its ugly head, until solving the case becomes a matter of survival.

Death No Stranger by Regan Barry
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 346 KB

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