Danger Close by Travis Starnes

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Danger Close John Taylor Book Travis Starnes

When an army base in west Texas has a series of thefts and murders that threaten to derail military budget negotiations, the new president sends Taylor and Whitaker to find the culprits and quietly end the situation before it can become public knowledge. When they arrive, however, the pair finds that theirs is not the investigation into the situation and that the previous attempts to stop the thefts failed because of criminals on the inside.

Taylor and Whitaker are forced to work on their own to find not only the thieves and murderers but also how the other investigations became compromised, and they must do so against a ticking clock without anyone outside the military finding out what is really going on.

Danger Close by Travis Starnes (John Taylor #7)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 237KB

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