Crime Fraud by John Cader

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Crime Fraud

Will Duggan doesn’t belong at Smith Stevens, one of the largest and most powerful law firms in the country. He knows his days as a non-Ivy Leaguer at the firm are numbered, but he also knows the firm has a dirty secret. Behind Smith Stevens’ shiny façade and sterling reputation, and shielded from public view by the attorney-client privilege, the firm’s high-powered lawyers handle their clients’ dirtiest laundry and create some of their own along the way. Unknown to Smith Stevens, Will also has a secret. 200 miles away from his desk in Manhattan, Will’s older brother Mickey is serving a life sentence in Massachusetts for a murder he didn’t commit. Mickey is vulnerable behind bars, and Will is desperate to win his release before he dies in prison. As he tries to hang on at Smith Stevens, Will hatches a risky plan to free Mickey and puts his career and his freedom on the line, but will it be enough before time runs out…

Crime Fraud by John Cader
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 620 KB

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