Business as Usual by Adam Parish

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Business as Usual explosive fa Adam Parish

A Hedge Fund manager drives his supercar off the road. Who cares?

Jack Edward’s goddaughter cares. The dead man was her father and she isn’t satisfied that it’s an accident. Threatening to investigate herself, Jack’s got to step in, but he needs help as well. Amanda Barratt’s a Director in British Military Intelligence and she doesn’t usually investigate car accidents, but when this leads to guns and bombs in the Home Counties and an international fraud in the City of London, it gets her attention.

Belt up with Jack and Amanda in their 4th fast paced explosive action-adventure thriller.

Business as Usual is the fourth Jack Edwards and Amanda Barratt series of British murder mystery thrillers. If you like fast paced murder mystery thrillers full of twists and turns, you’ll love book 4 this exciting series.

Business as Usual by Adam Parish (Jack Edwards and Amanda Barratt Murder Mystery #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 335 KB

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