Blood Wizard by J.T. Williams

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Blood Wizard Twilight of the L J T Williams

Those of Shadow rise. But a once powerful ally has become consumed by The Blood.
Kealin rushes to Aeveam’s aid. Though he has had a victory with Eschal and defeated one of the demonic realms, there is much more at work than mere spiders and dwarves. He is confident in his control of his vampiric side but a new enemy hunts him and this is no mere foe of flesh and blood.

Aeveam, fighitng for days alone with just Sordall, happens across someone from her past that she did not expect all while tapping into a power that frightens her beyond anything else. As she fights to both stay alive and prevent the vampiric poison from overtaking her, she begins to feel that all she has known up to this point was wrong.

Evurn and the rest of his companions search for allies and make deals that will have far-reaching consequences but he has little choice. Rumor has it that a Golden Wizard, a powerful and once zealous ally has turned against them, drawing an abomination into the Shadowlands. As the Great Seer tightens her grip on the once-free lands of his people, Evurn will have to trust in old friends from his time with the Stormborn if he hopes to have any chance to stop the demonic forces just on the brink of the living realm.

A Great War is brewing but those of Shadow and The Rogue Elf have no intent on backing down.

Blood Wizard: Twilight of the Lich (The Rogue Elf Book 9) by J.T. Williams
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 490 KB

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