Bizarre Bathroom Reader by Diego Jourdan Pereira

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Bizarre Bathroom Reader by Diego Jourdan Pereira

Thousands of thrilling facts and trivia from murderous cults to UFOs!

Did you know legendary skyjacker D. B. Cooper was most likely a Boeing employee? How about the fact that the Manson Family’s killing spree was meant to incite racial rioting? Or that rather than arriving from outer space, UFOs have been operating from deep within Earth’s oceans for centuries?

Learn true, confidential information about these and other—even stranger!—subjects in this mammoth volume. With mind-boggling facts from the most varied sources, find out all about monsters, magic bullets, and mass hysteria, in five unsinkable chapters:

• Puzzling Places
• Befuddling Beliefs
• Strange Subcultures
• Peculiar People
• Mystifying Mysteries

Whether you’re interested in conspiracies, ghosts, lucha libre, or the Bermuda Triangle, there is an anti-boredom list, entry, or chronology for everyone in this freakishly huge toilet (or travel) companion. Plunge into the Bizarre Bathroom Reader to find answers to all of those lifelong questions you may have!

Featuring interviews with Elizabeth Gracen, J. M. DeMatteis, John H. Newton, Bruce A. Smith, and Preston Dennett!

Bizarre Bathroom Reader: Your Plunging Guide into the Strangest Stories, Oddest Trivia, Inexplicable Events, and Unfathomable Mysteries the World Has to Offer! by Diego Jourdan Pereira
English | 2021 | Humor & Entertainment | 12 MB

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