Backwater Haven by Steven Becker

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Backwater Haven

Will the boom in Miami turn into a bust for Biscayne Bay?
Skyrocketing boat sales have made the waters of South Florida increasingly dangerous by turning quiet backwater coves into venues for huge sandbar parties—and not everyone is there for a good time. Along with the fun-seeking crowds comes the worst elements of Miami society. When a boat is found adrift in the national park with the body of a DEA agent aboard, Special Agent Kurt Hunter is caught in the crossfire between the city’s seedy underbelly and the natural habitat he’s sworn to protect. To solve the murder, Kurt must investigate the in-crowd, only to find the case leads him deep into the sometimes dark history of the park’s out-islands. To make matters worse, he’s once again forced to navigate the political maze of the warring agencies involved.

Backwater Haven by Steven Becker (Kurt Hunter #10)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 658 KB

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