Angel Falls by Colleen Helme

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Angel Falls  Sand and Shadows B   Colleen Helme

Sent away because she let someone die, her burgeoning powers leave her with more questions than answers. Now her only chance for redemption comes at a price… one she may not survive. As a trauma nurse in a New York City hospital, Ella St. John had no idea that refusing to help a known killer would have such dire consequences. Being sent to the middle of nowhere is bad enough, but when she crosses paths with a handsome stranger, everything changes. She can’t deny the attraction blossoming between them, but that is nothing compared to the trouble he brings to her door. Helping him could be the biggest mistake of her life… if she manages to live long enough to regret it.

Angel Falls by Colleen Helme
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 360 KB

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