Adverse Effects by Patrick Logan

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Adverse Effects Patrick Logan

New York City, 14th Street Subway Station.
7:14 AM. Four girls from St. Augustine High School are laughing and chatting while waiting for their train.
7:16 AM. All four girls receive a text message.
7:18 AM. The train enters the station.
7:19 AM. Cell phones in hand, the girls step in front of the moving train.

What could possibly possess these normal, affluent girls to commit mass suicide on a day like any other? Is this another episode of malicious cyber-bullying, or is the real answer something far more sinister?
Join FBI Agent Chase Adams as she tackles her most mind-bending mystery yet, one that leads her not just down a dangerous path, but that might just offer a solution to finally putting an end to the demons that have haunted her for decades.

Adverse Effects by Patrick Logan (Chase Adams #8)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 423 KB

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