Abigail of Venice by Leigh Russell

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Abigail of Venice Leigh Russell

When soldiers attack the inhabitants of a Jewish ghetto in sixteenth-century Lithuania, Abigail manages to escape both the attack and her abusive husband, Reuven. She travels over land and sea to Venice, where she settles in another ghetto. Believing Reuven is dead, Abigail falls in love with her widowed neighbour, Daniel. But before Abigail and Daniel announce their betrothal, her violent husband reappears.

Reuven is arrested for drunken brawling and sentenced to slavery in the galleys. Abigail hopes she has finally seen the last of him, but he returns to Venice, and Abigail fears she will never be free of him . . .

Abigail of Venice by Leigh Russell
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 420 KB

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