A Thorn for Miss R. by Sakiv Koch

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A Thorn for Miss R.  Book I  Th Sakiv Koch

Beware of thorns,
little daggers of wood,
they pierce hopeful fingers,
and draw hearts’ blood.
Would you entrust your arch-rival with your life?
A mortally wounded nightwatchman staggers into fourteen-year-old Neel’s secluded home one midsummer night. A gang of ruthless killers follows the watchman into the house. The ensuing night will become immortal for Neel, spawning unending horrors and incredible adventures throughout his life.
Rachna is a strongman-turned-hangman’s daughter. She dotes upon Neel from the first day they meet and fight in kindergarten. Neel, on the other hand, remains blind to her value and charm until someone else starts paying her attention. The said ‘someone else’, Prince Sanjay, lives in the crosshairs of a mysterious and powerful assassin’s rifle. Sanjay falls hard for Rachna as soon as he sees her for the first time.
Neel’s worst nightmares are associated with his boyhood’s nightwatchman, and yet, he takes up the same profession upon growing up. He subsists on a municipality’s salary, patrolling the dark hills of his beat by night and dreaming up fantastic tales by day.
Prince Sanjay is about to elevate Neel’s worldly status, giving him the responsibility to guard his life. The two longtime opponents will embark on an intercontinental journey together, giving new dimensions to danger, deception, and passion

A Thorn for Miss R. by Sakiv Koch (Book # 1: The Night Watchman)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 253 KB

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