A Girl From Forever by Yolanda McCarthy

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A Girl From Forever

Would you choose loyalty or love?
The secretive Forever Institute towers over London. Some say it’s a cult, others call it a mafia. To seventeen-year-old Fern, Forever is simply home, run by the scientists who created her. A home she’s never been allowed to leave.

Forever gave Fern everything. A body that will never age. Psychic abilities, if she can work out how to access them. A purpose… Fern will be part of a new dawn for humanity, although she’s never been told exactly how. Then Fern is contacted by a cryptic telepath from outside the Institute, and learns some dark truths: children are being murdered, and Fern is in danger. She must sort truth from lies, and new loves from old loyalties, if she’s to survive the conspiracy surrounding her. But her new friend has secrets of his own…

A Girl From Forever by Yolanda McCarthy
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 338 KB

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