A Deadly Calling by Seán Gibbons

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A Deadly Calling A thrilling m Sean Gibbons

A struggling taxi driver has become enmeshed in Galway’s criminal underbelly…
Galway, Ireland, 2009
World-weary and struggling to earn a living, taxi driver Ben Miller has resorted to occasional criminal activity to help make ends meet.
In order to keep his freedom, Miller also acts as a snitch for Superintendent Folan, a corrupt police officer who is involved in a sex-trafficking ring. Things take a turn for the worse when someone starts murdering the trafficked women.
Furious at the loss of his profits and desperate to keep his activities out of the public eye, Folan enlists Miller to help track down the killer.
But when Miller decides to aid one of the women in her escape from Folan’s brothel, he soon finds himself running for his life…
Who is behind the women’s murders? Can Miller escape from Folan’s web of corruption?
And can he catch the killer before they catch up with him…?

A Deadly Calling by Seán Gibbons
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 305 KB

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